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3 Massive Mistakes Coaches Make That Prevent Them From Filling Their Programs

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3 Massive Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Prevent Them From Finding Their Ideal Clients


  1. Are you feeling overwhelm because you are doing a lot of “marketing” and not seeing any results?
  2. Are you frustrated because no one is enrolling in your coaching program?
  3. Are you struggling to get in front of your ideal paying clients?

Here's something most coaches struggle with: the feast or famine nature of the coaching business.

You know how it goes. One month you're on the phone 30 hours every week, and the next, you're lucky to book 3 new clients. It makes it hard to manage a business when cash flow is like a roller coaster ride, and worse, it's nearly impossible to plan ahead.

The answer? A creating a rock solid campaign filled with your ideal clients. The only trick is ACTUALLY BUILD IT!

The good news: It's NOT complicated to build and fill your program, once you know the steps.  And I’m ready to show you how it works.

Not only will you find yourself with a waiting list of potential clients, but you'll have a ready-made audience clamoring for group coaching, DIY programs, and other training materials.

Suddenly, the ups and downs of your income will be a thing of the past. All it takes is a little planning.

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Tuesday The 18th
At 7:00 PM

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