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Jumpstart Your Evergreen Prospecting Sequence Using Facebook Ads

Jumpstart Your Evergreen Prospecting Sequence Using Facebook Ads

Are you tired of trading dollars for hours, and frustrated with trying to grow your business?

One of the sad truths about coaching full time is that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.
  • You can’t help all the people who desperately need you
  • You can’t reach your true income goals
  • You feel like your business is stagnant because your marketing campaign is running dry
Sure, you get to do what you love best, help people improve their lives and businesses, and while that’s a reward you wouldn’t trade for anything, it’s not enough.
You need consistency in your income, growth in your mailing list, and most of all, you need to know that your business is sustainable and will continue to support you and your family in the long run.
Jump starting your Evergreen Prospecting Sequence with a successful Facebook Ad Campaign is the key to a sustainable business that supports you and your family. 

On this broadcast you will learn how to:

  • Land more clients—without a smoothly operating funnel, you’ll always wonder where the next client is coming from.
  • Meet your lifestyle goals—family time, vacations, and other important things can be a part of your future
  • Secure your future—true freedom comes from not having to rely on your ability to trade dollars for hours
Stop settling for the status quo, and discover the secret to upleveling your business—and your life.
Saturday The 19th
At 10:00 AM

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